Angelina Jolie, it’s time to choose her dress

2 Nov

Engaged for six months, the Jolie-Pitt should no longer delay to say yes, but strangely, the marriage fails and filter information in dribs and drabs. Yet Angie has already chosen her wedding dress, which is rumored to revive an impending marriage.
If a marriage involves many small details to the choice of the Wedding Dresses Online is not definitely not! But that would be a step in the preparations for the ceremony Brad and Angelina, after the choice of witnesses.
The bride opted for a Wedding Gowns 2012 by L’Wren, a fancy model. We do not expect less of course the sultry Angelina Jolie, 37 years old, very stamped guns in general, but as a mother of six children, also seems to have a real fondness for the simplicity of the seamstress whose she collects already held.
Info or intox is in any case that was eager to prove to an eavesdropper to Grazia magazine: “Angelina wanted to appeal to someone who was not specifically known for designing wedding dresses. She was courted by some of the greatest artists on the planet, but having a great name for Angelina account. She wanted to surround himself with someone she can trust and L’Wren is firmly part. “Serendipity, statuesque former model L’Wren Scott and seamstress girlfriend a decade of Mick Jagger n ‘ is actually none other than … the neighbor of the couple Brangelina. A closeness that had obviously come in handy since murmur Angie and L’Wren would have already met “several times” to discuss rags, or better, taffeta …. Because it may well Angie gives sex appeal of a bustier dress designed in this matter.
Unless she makes her fun to Vivienne little girly opting for a more princess pink color like Jessica Biel? It was then Shiloh, the real boy missed the couple, who would not appreciate … And Brad, he said that he?



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