Taylor Swift, pretty doll in evening dress Jenny Packham

5 Nov

American country singer Taylor Swift, caused a sensation with an vogue evening dresses in his image during the 46th “Annual Country Music Association.” The blonde doll face wore a Jenny Packham dress, glamorous and fresh, we love!
Taylor Swift won for each occurrence with a small fragile air always makes us think of a beautiful porcelain doll. His style can usually be described as baby doll and glamor. She plays the frail side at the 46th CMA red carpet event, opting for a Jenny Packham sexy cocktail dresses. The latter is nude with girly floral panels, an outfit that did surprise us. It seems to be designed and thought for Taylor Swift.

Deciphering the evening dress of Taylor Swift
She wears a long dress with nude lace stitched bottom small red flowers embroidered in the same fabric. The drape is tightening at the waist in order to create a glamorous effect undeniable. This section serves to emphasize the sheer size of Taylor Swift. A deep v neckline adds a sexy touch without overdoing it.
Look at the beauty of the singer, Taylor Swift remains true to its thick fringe that accentuates her feline look. The rest of her long hair over one shoulder is reduced, it brings a touch of glamor to the whole. Vermilion lipstick sublime its diaphanous. There is no beauty faux pas at her hair and makeup. Makeup wants same connector with the red of her dress. This is remarkable for a flawless Taylor Swift.


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