9 Nov

Marriage is its own thing, as long as the print does not control how people say. Fat people wear beautiful wedding? Xiaobian we recommend several suitable for fat people wear Wedding Dresses Online!
Type Plump
Should try to select the V-neck, low waist, clean lines of wedding decoration ring is a bit rich to attract the attention of others who moved to the neck above. The veil should be simple and a little longer is better.
Pants should wear a skirt loose, pointed out that the weak shoulder design shoulder or sleeveless, try to move the line of sight of others.
Type bosomy
Be highlighted on lines circumference can wear robes neckline, but if the proportion is not very attractive, cheap to vote for those heart-shaped necklace or collar lines and simple design to reduce chest exaggerated lines.
Concrete can be expressed in six
1, choose thick satin, satin imported hard and thick, is the best weapon to block magical sister body fat. Whether you are fleshy waist or pp fat can be hidden in a thick satin impassive.
2, high waist, low-cut is a wise choice: If the waist, the chest is full sister to choose the size and style of a slight increase, so your belt can cover up any fleshy myself . And make sure legs are thin.
3, with the marriage of sleeves, upper arm, another fatal complete MM is thick and fleshy armpit area, and whether exposure to these two places in front of everyone too unpleasant. So we do not store fabrics sellers wedding, Wedding Gowns 2012 one with sleeves, the skin site Zizun Shang.
4, do not for decoration: marriage as generally in the chest, waist and lots of handmade flowers, pearls to enhance the decoration of wedding accessories fat girls should not be too decorated at the waist, decorated hand to attract the attention of the people was meat meat the size as much as possible to avoid the attention of visitors.
5 Choose the skirt slightly Peng: Note that this is “slightly”, preferably 1-2 wheel bags, but do not choose too Punta skirt as married, but to be fat MM pushed to one side: )
6, select the soft long veil: we guess that it is the block where the flesh is fat bride’s face soft long veil, if you take pictures, or marriage, when is?! can help you block unwanted fleshy face effect Oh, that was received face powder!


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