12 Nov

Lead: Wedding selected for its own bridesmaids dress close friend? You know what skills is to buy bridesmaid dresses? Ya following children to answer your doubts, definitely make your close friend to buy the wedding dress.
NO.1 let the bridesmaids choose their own Wedding Dresses Online

Allow each bridesmaid choose the dress, the sounds do not correspond to reality, can be the bridesmaid will certainly agree with this because they think you give them that day also show the charm but also gives, I agree with the aesthetic sense of taste.

The classic universal NO.2 black bridesmaid dresses

Black dress, the benefits of natural Needless to say, it gives a visual thinner, delicate, your body is high is short, choose a black cocktail dresses plus size can not go wrong. In this way, determine a good classic got the coat color, style issues will be solved, and then discuss the problem simple wedding dress, you will find much less to complain about the noise.

NO.3 to avoid selecting to do to change the dress

Bridesmaid dresses wedding dress custom process is basically the same, in general, they will be in the amount of size, multi-leaving some margin, the completion of the final product is often not dress size the most appropriate on this basis if you want to change, at an additional cost, the price ranges from 200-1200 yuan (for example, to make shorter skirts, side pull, bracelet, etc.).

NO.4 near the price for bridesmaids save money

Complaints bridesmaids, the longest course is that the price is too high concern, even if you are very attentive and try to take Wedding Dress 2012 Affordable, plus transportation costs, gifts, bachelor party, makeup, hair, etc. a lot of expenses for the bridesmaid who is also a small expense, not to mention other cities came to the bridesmaids.

NO.5 length skirt knee easiest way to

And choose the bridesmaid dresses size adjustment, selecting a dress knee length also avoid the second amendment. Sure, they may require minor modifications to other parts, but at least do not have to wear high heels to avoid a long skirt triggered, can be described as the best choice for different size bridesmaids .


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