13 Nov

I always buy the mother joining Barbie dolls, whatever bears the same aspiration as the beautiful Barbie? In collaboration with the love knot wedding enjoy the latest Japanese Barbie, soft and extremely Hua Lifan children will realize your dream princess!
Barbie wedding white bra
From a sweet child with wedding Barbie known, hard to see such a style ivory pure white upper bodice dotted with pearls, the lower body Puff skirt, romantic and full. Dress for the shiny satin trim adds exquisite sense of the bride with a shiny satin gloves and pearls jewelry, sparkling shine, you will be younger!
Barbie white wedding decoration bow
As a cream cake-like expansion of the skirt, so that the bride put down. This white wedding Barbie exaggerated bra Slim and contrast hem Pompon, visual balance, slender waist Wedding Gowns 2012 2012 full, large bow decoration, filling Fan princess beautiful children. Can be used with a transparent texture lace gloves, facilitate heavy skirt, unique breath of fresh air.
Barbie pink embroidery wedding decoration
Barbie regardless of the season are essential in baby-soft as Dress pink wedding pink lady found the atmosphere in this simple, beautiful silk, elegant wavy finish exudes a strong flavor, retro skirt decorated with white embroidery complete the noble The bride can be used with the bow ornaments, so sweet find themselves unable to do so.
Barbie light blue silk wedding
Fresh and light blue wedding Barbie, the most beautiful bride in the early spring. Beautiful ruched silk and aesthetics with the words of the brand embroidered tulle skirt decorate weeks and chest very, beautiful. As the bride’s cheap prom dresses with satin gloves and hair accessories butterfly, blue corresponding at first sight!
Babileisi decorative pink wedding
Lace wedding element that this year’s hot most of the time related to the sense of perspective tulle combined, Barbie pink wedding, but subvert the traditional style combined with a matte chiffon to create a sweet , dreamer style at the same time, they still have a sense of femininity. Hairstyles yarn and gloves with black mesh, like a wedding or, also removes people’s eyes and ears!
Barbie wedding decoration yellow arc
Yellow Wedding Barbie, the use of a good shape taffeta fabric, creating a three-dimensional Puff skirt. Tighten silk adorned with a bow, so that the bride as beautiful as a princess. With satin gloves and bag of the same color hand full of guests at the wedding all youth praise to reward your temperament charm.
Barbie wedding navy blue printed
Very atmosphere of royal blue fabric, combined with the print style pastoral, to create a special atmosphere of high style wedding. As a young cheap cocktail dress with sequins embellished handbag and three-dimensional floral decoration Dayan Mao balance marine solemn atmosphere, so you pretty busy and wiser.
Men’s wedding Barbie gray
Bra wedding gray rupture Barbie consistent style of Audrey Hepburn-style elegant chromic performed at the end. Multi-fabric, sewing, the predecessor of the skirt is beautiful and elegant Polka Dot Chiffon, after the swing is formatted as a good bride bright taffeta, with a plate elegant and neat, and refuel gasoline!


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